Judi Chase – Amber Alert – April 18, 2009



In 1994, David and Judi Chase were in the process of adopting two children in Jefferson County, Colorado, when David learned about criminality within the Jefferson County Government.  What he learned, cost him his life.  

David Chase was kidnapped, held hostage, sexually abused, tortured, and finally murdered, and later dumped into Bear Creek, where his body was found 47 days later.

Later, Phil Harris, a private investigator, and retired detective from Ohio, lost his life as well.

Other Private investigators have uncovered extensive evidence documenting the fact that David Chase was murdered to make it easier for this trafficking network to procure legal custody of the twins, and to silence him to prevent him from revealing what he knew about their operations concerning a large child-trafficking/child-pornography network, as stated in the ‘Andre’ Affidavit.

There is a vital, crucial question raised by this attorney, who stated in the affidavit, “This is of grave concern and indicates the need to investigate whether or not the judicial court process [in Jefferson County, Colorado] was corrupted in order to insure that foster children could be procured for illicit activities, etc.”


LEARN MORE ABOUT THE JUDI CHASE CASE AT:  http://theportalsmemoirs.com/JudiChasesAmberAlert.html

In this disturbing video, Judi mentions, again, “The Fat Cats.”  It’s logical to wonder if these aren’t the same “Fat Cats” child abductors mentioned in the Jon Benet Ramsey case.  

What’s wrong with the judicial system in Colorado?

  • 10 Years after Columbine we still have sealed records and un-prosecuted crimes.
  • The Ramsey case goes unsolved as do they “Fat Cat” kidnappers.
  • There are three distinct connections between the Columbine Case, the Ramsey Case and the David Chase case: All three families had animal carcasses placed in their yards.
  • David Chase’s goes unsolved along with the “Fat Cats” involved in his kidnapping, torture and murder.
  • Was Jon Benet a victim of child trafficking? Is there any DNA evidence that would shed light on who Jon Benet’s real parents were?




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