Wesley Hoyt Interview: Mark Taylor Imprisoned Illegally in Arizona

[H9Jo3zKJrB0]Mark Taylor is a victim several times over:

1. The shooting and lying there for two hours with bullets whizzing around him while he was bleeding from nearly a dozen bullet wounds. Some bullets remained imbedded in his spine and near his Aorta.

2. Mark has been illegally detained and drugged TWICE now, this time for over a year.

3. Michael Moore has forgotten to send his check to Mark for his part in the movie.

4. The “government” of Arizona is committing multiple crimes including violations of Mark and Donna’s Freedom of Association, Guarantee of Counsel along with their fundamental Human Rights. etc….

Now, under the best of circumstances, Mark faces one to two years of recovery and may never fully recover from the continued misuse and abuse of psychiatric medications.



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