Connection between Columbine shooters Harris and Klebold and shooter Adam Lanza

Did massacre gunman make internet threat the day before Sandy Hook massacre?

PUBLISHED: 23:51 EST, 15 December 2012 | UPDATED: 06:27 EST, 16 December 2012

An eery post on an Internet message board made Wednesday night by a user allegedly in Connecticut who threatened to kill himself on Friday morning and ‘make the news,’ is raising some questions as to whether it was Newtown Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza.

According, the post appeared on the 4Chan web site at 10:18pm Wednesday and was made by a user with the user name ‘iKTatjYX.’

The post stated, ‘I’m going to kill myself on Friday and it will make the news, be watching at 9am.’

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ggWarning: A user posted an eery warning on the message board 4Chan Wednesday night, saying he was going to kill himself Friday and make the news. He attached a photo of Columbine killers to his post

Under the message is a grisly photo of the lifeless bodies of Columbine school shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold sprawled out in a pool of blood.

In the thread, username ‘iKTatjYX’ is asked he was, to which he responded, ‘I live in Connecticut, that’s as much as I’ll say.’

The site 4chan is a controversial message board The Guardian once called ‘lunatic, juvenile… brilliant, ridiculous and alarming.’

It was noted in the message section that username ‘iKTatjYX’ has not posted since the shootings.

5Cold blood: Adam Lanza, seen here in middle school, opened fire on Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School, murdering 26 people at the school before turning the gun on himselfAdam Lanza opened fire on Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which teaches children aged 5 to 10. He murdered 26 people at the school before turning the gun on himself, as well as killing one other person – his mother – at another nearby site.


Investigators said they have found ‘some very good evidence’ to explain what drove gunman Adam Lanza, 20, to slaughter 20 children all aged six and seven and six adults at the Connecticut elementary school.


bMourning: An emotional crowd gathered for a prayer service at the Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown, ConnecticutOn Saturday night, outside Saint Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown, Connecticut, mourners left teddy bears, flowers and lit candles for victims.

Newtown was ranked the fifth safest city in America by the website based on 2011 crime statistics.

‘This wonderful town that we all love for its peace, beauty, the great schools – all of that – has become Columbine,’ said Julie Maxwell Shull, a sixth-grade teacher at Reed Intermediate School, referring to the high school that was site of a 1999 shooting in Colorado.


hHard to explain: Rhonda Eleish, right, talks to her daughter Kari Ergmann, 6, next to a candlelight vigil outside the Edmond Town Hall in NewtownMany people who live in the wealthy, wooded town commute to New York City, about 80 miles away were trying to come to gripes with the unthinkable incident.

‘We came here because it was going to be a good, safe community for our kids,’ said Catherine Hunyadi, as she and her husband wiped tears from their eyes. ‘You don’t send your kids to school thinking something like this might happen.’

Reports have also emerged that the Mr Lanza had visited the school the day before Friday’s massacre during which he was involved in an altercation with four members of staff at the school – three of whom are now dead.


gSilent night: Mourners gather for a candlelight vigil at Ram’s Pasture to remember shooting victimsThe fourth teacher – and only survivor of the altercation – wasn’t at school yesterday and is currently being interviewed by investigators. It hasn’t been revealed what the argument was over or if it was reported to authorities.

The staff member’s testimony might be an ‘important piece of information’ for discerning motive in this case, reports NBC.

While initial reports had suggested school principal Mrs Hochsprung buzzed Mr Lanza into the building – bypassing the newly-installed security system – police have confirmed that the shooter forced his way in.

VIDEO: The nation mourns as it tries to come to terms with the tragedy



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