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On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris opened fire outside Columbine High School. Standing with his friends having a discussion on the Bible was Mark Allen Taylor. The first bullets hit Mark with anywhere from 7 – 13 entering his body. The damage was so great that doctors could not determine the number of bullets that entered. The following video documents Mark’s life from that moment on. Click to view:


Our webmaster for , Todd Bentley, who is Mark’s best friend. put this video together and entered it in an Infowars contest (thus the reference to Infowars. I encourage you to share this everywhere!

I am extremely concerned about Mark’s health due to the damaging effects of the drugs he has been forced to take. He has worked long and hard in fighting this battle to bring awareness about the dangers of antidepressants and the truth about the cause of school shootings. And I do believe what he has been through is payback for the effectiveness of the battle he fought.

Now Mark needs our help to set him free from the system that is destroying him! What damage he suffered at Columbine is NOTHING in comparrison to the damage he has suffered from the past several years of forced drugging with the same drugs he was working so hard to warn society about!