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Decamp linked the Penn State Scandal to the Franklin Cover up years ago

‘The Franklin Cover-Up’ author talks about how he linked Sandusky and Penn State abuse scandal years ago  Link  to Original
Former Nebraska Sen. John DeCamp is a lawyer and Lincoln and wrote “The Franklin Cover-Up”

By The Ellis County Observer

Posted: July 15, 2012

(This is Part 1 of The Ellis County Observers interview with Franklin Cover-Up author and investigator John DeCamp.The Ellis County Observer is a newspaper based in north Texas)

LINCOLN, Neb. — Lawyer John DeCamp is in his 70s, but two recent events put the author of The Franklin Cover-Up right back in the media spotlight.

DeCamp, a former state senator and a highly decorated Vietnam veteran, unraveled the Penn State child-sex scandal while investigating the Omaha child-pornography, child-prostitution ring that made him an icon.

“Apparently I had done something back then linking the football coach with Franklin,” DeCamp said in a recent phone interview with this publisher. “They [media] called me from Pennsylvania, at least 20 calls…had to tell them the truth that yeah, I wrote the book but I don’t remember everything I read or uncovered. I’d have to go back and look at my files. Somehow or another, [convicted pedophile and ex-defensive coordinator Jerry] Sandusky was brought up some way by me way back [then, during Franklin]…I got call after call after call from Pennsylvania.”

Sandusky, who was convicted on 45 counts of child-sex abuse last month, was not the lone gunman in a far-reaching scandal that protected a storied football program over the safety and well-being of little children.

Earlier media reports — barely mentioned in the mainstream media now — established Sandusky as the figurehead for a more sinister role of providing children to wealthy and prominent alumni, according to respected publications like Andrew W. Griffin’s Red Dirt Report in Oklahoma.

Ironically, several days after the Penn State scandal broke last fall, Penn State’s football team played Nebraska.

“One of Sandusky’s contacts was [here in Omaha],” DeCamp said. “Somehow those Pennysylvania people knew about it from my book; they said ‘you brought it up in your book.’”

DeCamp’s next media attention could come in the form of an ABC News 20/20 special.

The Lincoln-based lawyer was interviewed about three weeks ago along with Noreen Gosch, the mother of still-missing Johnny Gosch, a Des Moines newspaper delivery boy who was kidnapped in the mid-1980’s.

Paul Bonacci, one of the victims of the Omaha Satanic ritual abuse scandal who was present at many parties involving high-level business and political leaders, is an eyewitness and direct participant in the kidnapping of Gosch. It should be noted, however, that Bonacci was forced to take part in some of the most horrific duties, many of which he said were led by “The Colonel,” Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, a psychological warfare specialist who branched off a congregation of the Church of Satan called the Temple of Set.

Aquino was later implicated in the Presidio daycare child-sex scandal in San Francisco in the late 80’s.

The Gosch family, in many published news reports, vindicate what Bonacci has said.

The Omaha ringleader in the Franklin scandal, once a rising star in the GOP, Larry King (not to be confused with the former CNN host), was sentenced to prison for his role in more than $39 million in missing funds from the Franklin Federal Credit Union in Omaha.

The missing money was only the beginning, however.

DeCamp said he was one of the original skeptics of the Satanic ritual child abuse scandal when he first heard allegations of it, but years worth of investigation, exhaustive research and countless interviews and depositions with victims made him a believer.

DeCamp was Bonacci’s lawyer when they won a $1 million civil judgment against King, who was released from prison several years ago.

According to an active Website still following the Franklin story, King worked at a BMW dealership in Sterling, Virginia as late as 2011. This paper provided the address of that dealership (21826 Pacific Blvd. Sterling, Virginia 20166) to DeCamp, who noted that to date, not one dollar has been collected from King in the $1 million civil suit awarded to Bonacci.

With older children, including a daughter who is an Omaha-based lawyer, DeCamp is still as busy as ever in his Lincoln law firm, a bustling shop whose status will forever remain as the lighthouse in exposing an intricate and high-level Satanic pedophile ring whose octopus-like arms reached the very highest levels of the Nebraska and U.S. government.

Located at 414 S. 11th St. in downtown Lincoln, DeCamp said he still receives calls from people all over the country about Satanic ritual child abuse.

According to his Web site,, “DeCamp graduated from the University of Nebraska College of Law in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1967, and has helped hundreds of injured people recover millions of dollars in compensation. Decorated by a president for his service in Vietnam, Mr. DeCamp is listed as one of eight outstanding Vietnam veterans, and organized the famous Operation Baby Lift in 1975.

“John DeCamp served as Nebraska State Senator for 16 years and was repeatedly selected to be the Senate Chairman and Head of the “Banking Finance & Insurance Committee” of the Nebraska Senate. Mr. DeCamp knows insurance companies from the inside out and the legal system all sides must work with. As a principled and effective Senator, Mr. DeCamp took on multiple entrenched interests and learned well the art of battle, reasonable comprise and settlement when the war is won.

“Examples: Mr. DeCamp represented the children in the Columbine school shooting case; the “Grand Juror” who dared to expose secret facts in the Oklahoma City Bombing and a host of similar nationally known cases. Mr. DeCamp will do the same for you including whatever it takes to protect you and get compensation for your injuries.”

   John DeCamp Interview Part 2: Coming Soon 

Copyright 2012 The Ellis County Observer




Radio show with John decamp boyles 2 of 8

here is the radio show with John  decamp  part 2 of 8




Thirteen years after Columbine, still wondering why

Editorial: Thirteen years after Columbine, still wondering why

The public still yearns to know what the parents of the Columbine killers might have seen in their sons.
POSTED:   11/24/2012 12:01:00 AM MST

By The Denver Post

The release of a new book that includes observations from the parents of one of the Columbine High School killers has cracked the door just a bit wider on one of the biggest unanswered questions of all: Why?

Although more than 13 years have passed since the massacre, there remains much to be explored about how Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris came to the point of carrying out the attacks that left 13 victims dead.

The aim is prevention — to give parents, teachers and others knowledge that might enable them to detect warning signs and intervene.

As we have seen in the years since the mass shooting, the actions of Klebold and Harris have been repeatedly imitated.

The more society can understand the personalities and conditions that preceded their rampage, the better.

To that end, the comments of Susan Klebold, mother of Dylan, paint a picture of a grieving mother who could not understand why her son would do such a thing.

She told Andrew Solomon, author of “Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity,” that she prayed during the unfolding tragedy that her son would kill himself — and then regretted that prayer.

After seeing the so-called “basement tapes,” in which Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold raged on video, she saw a different person than the one she had raised.

“I saw the end product of my life’s work: I had created a monster,” Susan Klebold told Solomon.

Those comments are not out of line with the introspection and shock she expressed in alengthy piece published in 2009 in O, The Oprah Magazine.

Susan Klebold concludes the piece with this: “I only hope my story can help those who can still be helped. I hope that, by reading of my experience, someone will see what I missed.”

And that’s exactly our point.

Perhaps professionals with emotional detachment and expertise could see what the parents could not and maybe still cannot readily perceive.

Did the mix of the problems of Harris and Klebold lead to action greater than either of them would have undertaken alone?

That is why we were so dismayed in 2007 when a federal judge ordered that depositions from the parents of the killers to be sealed for 20 years. Those depositions took place in 2003 in connection with a lawsuit filed by families of some of the victims.

It’s possible the documents could shed substantial light on how Harris and Klebold came to become the Columbine killers.

Beyond Susan Klebold, the parents — those who could assuredly offer the most insight into the killers’ thinking — have spoken little publicly, if at all.

It’s a shame, since there is still much to be learned.


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